Daily Kitchen was a concept I worked very extensively on with the owner and a large group of staff, from front/back house to marketers and photographers, chefs, etc. The restaurant went through many iterations and at one point, we worked with Mystery, a Santa Monica branding agency. I had a great time brainstorming ideas for interior messaging. These concepts, although dated, were original ideas that I shared at the beginning of concepting.


Kaneptec is a cannibas startup, now based in Arkansas (don’t ask) but originally had sights on downtown Las Vegas. While there, I had the pleasure of working in floorplan and design, mocking up isometric and exterior designs for the headquarters and lab. Click here for a pdf preview.


Since working at the YWCA, I frequently mock up event signage and interactive installations. I love the idea of artwork being made by the audience. This below piece is called “Traveling Tapestry” and at this moment is being covered with flags of hand-written messages from people who want to contribute. The idea came from Tibetan flag walls.


Below are re-usable fabric panels that were created for a year long campaign, promoting YWCA as “ALL IN” for Washington Women.